THE SPACE BETWEEN series, 2018


Our world today is in constant sensory overload. Inundated with image after image, we are consistently being challenged to engage in a process of continual selection, a filtering out of sorts. Taryn's current work engages with that idea, in her process of building up the surface of the canvas by selectively and strategically deciding what to conceal and reveal as she creates a pattern on each piece. 

The colour palettes for each piece are inspired from photographs she takes of the urban environment; corrective paint cover-ups of graffiti or vandalism, posters and ads layered overtop of each other again and again, as well as the peeling paint on old buildings, construction sites, and homes.





These current paintings explore the space between: gesture and logic, light and dark, pattern and disorder, buildup and breakdown, familiarity and the unknown, illusion and reality, repetition and variation, logic and chance, intention and error, memory and fact, beauty and failure. 

With a constant push/pull on the surface, addition and subtraction of painted pattern, Taryn's finished work strives to find a balance and maybe even a sense of calm as it hovers somewhere in this space between.