Contingency Series

Much of my knowledge and experience of painting and art history comes through the Internet and reproduced images in books and journals. These sources are helpful but in isolation left me disconnected and distanced from a full understanding and experience of these works.

My paintings express this disconnect by engaging with, and drawing attention to, the processes by which technological media has influenced and interfered with our understanding of paintings as an art form. My paintings are based on digital versions of historical art works, reproduced by my failing inkjet printer. My printer’s attempt to recreate the paintings results in missing information, improper colours, and distracting stripes and lines throughout the image.

The irony and contradiction through the opposition of the printer’s lines with the painting beneath is important to me. I am interested in how the lines of colour end up informing the painting, visually overcomplicating the simpler works they are based on. In this work, I am exploring this visual effect on an optical abstract painting, resulting in a play between Op art and the accidental optical effects of the printer. My paintings serve as both a critique and tribute, an ironic presentation of technology’s miscommunication of visual information.