Taryn Coulson is a contemporary painter, currently living and working in Victoria, BC. She graduated from the Studio Arts Program  at the University of Guelph, Ontario with an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2011.

Taryn began making paintings as a response to the ubiquity and overload of images through technological sources, and our experience of artworks becoming increasingly distanced from their original source.  The idea of failure through technological reproduction, pattern and repetition's inevitable erosion of image are fundamentals of her painting practice. 

Taryn finds the process by which it takes to create each piece the most interesting and important aspect in her work . Each painting begins with a neatly planned grid, and through the performative process of addition and subtraction of paint, repeating patterns, techniques and colours, each grid is built up, broken down, and in time becomes its own completely unique artwork.

This aspect of potential mess and failure through this repetition in her process, is what drew Taryn in to art marking (especially paintings) in our increasingly digital world. Fascinated with the possibilities in variation that happen as a physical process gets repeated again and again, Taryn continues to strive to discover those moments of beauty as medium is being pushed to its limits, and breaks apart into something spectacular.